Are therapy and coaching the same?

Life Coaching and Therapy are not the same though they oftentimes overlap. Life Coaching is not medical treatment. The focus of coaching is on “the now,” development of strengths, and co-creation of external solutions to overcome barriers, learn new skills and implement them.

A Therapist makes diagnoses, explores the roots of problems, seeks to bring about healing and explores “the why.” If you are concerned your daughter needs a therapist, feel free to be in contact and I can refer you to a trusted professional in the area.

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Do you accept insurance?

Life Coaching is not medical treatment, therefore there is no insurance coverage for this service.

What if I do not live in the Wilmington area and would like to work with you?

No problem! Michelle offers Virtual Coaching sessions to clients across the United States. Call 910-632-0762 now to schedule your 30-minute Complimentary Inquiry Call to see if Virtual Coaching is a viable option for your daughter.

It is common for college-age and young career women to schedule this way to meet their needs.