“The number-one issue that parents tend to call me about is the social aspect: they feel their daughters are not connecting with people; they have no motivation. They seem to lack the ability to make and maintain friendships.”

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Read the rest of the interview with Michelle in WILMA magazine below. She touches on topics such as teen mental health and back-to-school tips among other insights for parents of teen girls.

WILMA Teen Girl Guru article on Michelle Dolan

Michelle Dolan

Michelle Dolan is a Certified Life Coach for Teen Girls and Young Women based in Wilmington, North Carolina. She helps teen girls manage stresses, sort through life’s complications and realize their strengths, value and potential in the process. Michelle passionately empowers teen girls to awaken to their own greatness. She also equips parents and volunteers with tools and strategies to increase their level of connection with their teen girls.

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